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Payment options

Paying online by credit card after ordering:

In our opinion this is the cheaper way to pay for the customer. Firstly, because most banks don't deduct commission from the card-user, secondly because you don't have to withdraw the money from the business account which is not free of charge now. For us it is not the most economic one, but fast and safe. The credit card datas will be given only to the bank, we won't be given any data according to the payment, only an e-mail about the succesful payment. Those who wouldn't put their personal credit card data on the internet, are proposed to pay by the following way.

Bank remittance:

In this case you will be given a prepayment request (pro-forma invoice) by e-mail after the order. If you effect the payment by remittance (please write the invoice identification code as remark), and we recieve the money, we send you the package in 12 hours, which arrives in 48 hours at the required location. You don't have to care about money here either, not you or your employee when receiving the products! Because you trust us and prepay, you will be given a 1% value coupon, wich you can validate the next time within in one year! In case of higher value remittance (it depends on banks) you will receive un amount higher than your remittance costed: this possibility is the best for you!


Paypal is one of the most widespread payment method wich is known not only by its popularity but also by its security. Paypal can be used for purchase and money sending in 190 countries and in18 currency. This method is about half-way between the customer and the trader possessing well established capital and credibility. You just open an account with Paypal, here register your personal informations (perhaps your credit card), then you will be given an individual e-mail adresse wich you will use later for financial transactions. It is simple like this. When buying you give your Paypal e-mail adresse wich navigate you to our safe account-site, where you just confirm the transaction, the rest will be made instead in the background. Paypal is not an electronic bank, but a safe internet intermediary. OUR PAYPAL ADDRESS: info@fair-trade-dental.com.

Dear Customers!
We regret to inform you that We are forced to charge a 3% payment fee for the PayPal transactions due to PayPal's unfavorable pricing. If you don't want to be charged with the 3% fee, please choose online credit card payment