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The 7+1 most exciting dental offices in the world

Even if not all patients dread dentists, probably all of us enter the dental office with a little anxiety. But it may change if dentists receive their patients in offices more pleasant or characteristic.

Do you think that in your office there is an annoying, sterile atmosphere? Are you planning to open an office? Or would you like to renovate it? Would you like it to be more attractive and original where patients like to go?

Now, come and have a look at the 8 most exciting, sometimes a little crazy dental offices in the world. Discover these places by our virtual tour and let them inspire you!

1. The underwater


What is your favorite hobby? Paragliding, rock climbing, fishing? It is scuba diving for Dr. Haress Rahim, which has given him the idea to create a submarine feeling in his office. The theme is  represented by a low ceiling, a circular doorway and moving water projected on the walls.


Clicking on this image you can see further images of this clinic!

The dental office’s location: Brambleton, Virginia, USA, Facebook page


2. The elegant


His Majesty the Patient? Yes! Here, the lights are shining like in a jewel case. This extraordinary dental office has opened in April 2014 in Berlin. A unique historical place meets a leading-edge practice here. To renovate this luxurious apartment hotel, the owner, Andreas Bothe has commissioned renowned architect Manfred Treiling, whose most famous project was the Reichstag dome’s redesigning.


Clicking on this image you can see further images in 360 ° of this clinic!

The dental office’s location: Berlin  webpage, video


3. The cute

Who would have the idea to go to Japan for a dental treatment? Perhaps Hello Kitty fans for whom restaurants, a hotel and a hospital have already been built. Now, we also have a dental office. Why not?


Clicking on this image you can see further images of this clinic!

The dental office’s location: Tokyo, website, further images of the clinic



4. The luxurious


Dr. Joe Roberts’ dental office is probably the most luxurious and extravagant in the world. He works in a beautiful historical townhouse in Philadelphia with a view on Rittenhouse Square Park. He is very proud of the carved wooden staircase, the mirrors, the ornamented furnitures. Wow!


Dental office’s location: Philadelphia, dental office's website



5. The futuristic

Where would Brad Pitt go for a dental appointment if not to KU64 designed by his favorite studio? This clinic has a futuristic concept, radically new interior and surprising colors: orange, white and red. Designed by the creative berliner Graft Studio, it doesn’t feel like a hospital, and patients are relaxed thanks to aromatherapy.


Clicking on this image you can see further images of this clinic!

Dental office’s location: Berlin, dental office's website, facebook paga



6. With the best view

This office promises a nice experience for both visitors and patients. The dentist can profit from the beneficial effect of color therapy for his concentrated work all day.



Dental office’s location: Alfonso Patron Dental, Arlington, Virginia. facebook page

source: setviral.com



7. The child-friendly


Docs are pretty scary for you? No more!

Dr. Dustin James has equipped his dental office so that all rooms have surprises for children. Safari and jungle themes are waiting for the adventurers, may they find treasures or even ghosts there?

Or are you a music and video game fan?

Teenagers are welcome in Oregon in the DFT dental office where they can have lots of fun! Sitting in a dentist’s chair they can watch films and have a guitar above their head. Counter, online music, X-box, Playstation, comics wall… what else do they need?


The dental office’s location: Wilsonville, Oregon, USA,  facebook page



+1 The weird


The odd one out: How crazy would it be to have a complete set of teeth as a dental clinic’s reception area! Regrettably, there is no such courageous dentist who would dare to make it. To be truthful it is Colgate’s installation at Museo de Los Ninos in the capital of Colombia, Bogota.


Do you know a dental office which should be on this list? Don’t hesitate to let us know!

And please justify your choice!