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Spreaders 25mm, NITI, 6pcs/box - in several sizes

Spreaders 25mm, NITI, 6pcs/box - in several sizes

Model: 1A2261/25-f
Availability: In stock
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15 (white)
Spreaders 25mm 15, 6pcs/box, NITI
In stock
EUR 6.24 (EUR 6.24 + VAT)
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15-40 (1. assorted size)
Spreaders 25mm 15-40, 6pcs/box, NITI
In stock
EUR 5.60 (EUR 5.60 + VAT)
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20 (yellow)
Spreaders 25mm 20, 6pcs6box, NITI
In stock
EUR 6.65 (EUR 6.65 + VAT)
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25 (red)
Spreaders 25mm in more sizes, 6pcs/box, NITI
Last 2 box in stock
EUR 4.13 (EUR 4.13 + VAT)
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30 (blue)
Spreaders 25mm 30, 6pcs/box, NITI
In stock
EUR 4.65 (EUR 4.65 + VAT)
Qty:boxAdd to cart
35 (green)
Spreaders 25mm 30, 6pcs/box, NITI
In stock
EUR 6.45 (EUR 6.45 + VAT)
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40 (black)
Spreaders 25mm 30, 6pcs/box, NITI
In stock
EUR 5.84 (EUR 5.84 + VAT)
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45-80 (2. assorted size)
Spreaders 25mm 45-80, 6pcs/box, NITI
Coming soon
EUR 5.84 (EUR 5.84 + VAT)


Spreaders have pointed endings in contrast to Pluggers, which have flat endings. This is the more popular form among the dentists, so we have more from this type. The length of the item we vend is 25 mm. Here you can buy items made of Nickel Titanium, but if you need Stainless Steel, which has a lower price, click here.


Sizes: from 8 to140 thicknesses, in a length of 21-25-31 mm. They are made in ISO sizes and with ISO color-coding.


Package: In a box there are 6 files! We distribute it without rubber stopper as all our competitors.


This product is a Root Canal File used for root canal treatment. It can make root canal file cleaned and plasticity simply and fast,but also almost keep its original shape. It can also maintain the opening place as well as create gradually increasing root canal shape in crown way, which fulfills high efficiency and convenience if the root canal treatment.


*High Flexibility, especially suit for complicated root canal structure.
*Special cutting edge,with high cutting efficiency.
*High resistance to wear, with long usage life.
*Orignal manufacturing technology, at the leading level in NiTi industry.


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