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Hard Discount in the market of basic dental materials

Hard Discount for Dentist

According to Dr. Tibor Handa, specialist dental practitioner, founder of the webstore FairTradeDental.Com, in recent years many of his colleagues have turned toward alternative purchase channels because of extreme prices of european market and the loss of revenue caused by financial crisis. That is why he founded a Hard Discount dental shop based on online sales which - unlike his competitors - would not overcome rivals with some favourable offers, but by attempting to keep prices down with continuous market monitoring in each product group. 

You are a dentist, but you were wondering what if you could deal with sales in addition to the dental practice. What has motivated you? Are you not afraid that your profession is a handicap rather than an advantage in dental sales and your colleagues will not accept you in this new role?

I have been working as a dentist for fourteen years and I had contact with many dentist's offices, and I often thought how I could make the practice more efficient. I think that purchasing materials in a conscious way is the simplest, quickest and safest form of cost reduction in dental activities. I had the experience that many dentists abandon the traditional traders because of extreme prices of european market and are arranging their purchases by ebay and other alternative channels. By reason of these facts, I am convinced that an operating cost-minimalizing Hard Discount webstore – as the one we have created - is justified in the hungarian market. 

I think, as I am specialist dental practitioner too, I know better the dentists’ most common problems, I can serve our costumers as an expert.When purchasing I can judge better what product worth to be marketed because of his good value for money and which doesn’t worth dealing with due to their uncertain quality.

Can be profitable a dental webstore based on online sales in the european market? Why have you chosen this business model?

The level of online sales is still growing year on year, and traditional shops have taken steps in this direction. Our advantage is that our business model itself is built on that. We are not using traditional dental means.

We define ourselves as a discount, the more efficient way of cost reduction is if we minimize associated costs to be passed on to our customers. For that reason we don’t employ medical representatives, we don’t have showrooms. We are not spending lot of money for enormous stands in the expositions. We don’t have company cars. Each „penny saved” are put in the price, that is why we can market goods at such a low price. 


And because of your sources of supply. Don’t you think that in case of medical pro-
ducts people still have little confidence in Far Eastern sources of supply, in particular in China?

I have been following the development of quality of chinese medical products for more than a decade, I have been testing them regularly, and I have to say that in most areas they could be considered amongst the world leaders.

We have the image of poorly paid chinese workers on never-ending production lines assembling western brand products, but now they are not dealing only with contract manufacturing. Chinese companies joined the world leaders with their own innovations just think of Huawei or ZTE in the telecommunications field. „Made in China” products can not be laught at any more.

I want dentists to see commercial tendencies more clearly and not believe in their long-standing prejudices. Evidently, China is much more complicated than the japanese or corean market: a continental-scale country where many types of producers and qualities are present. The trump cards of our company are that we know who worth entering into a deal with and how, and who are better to avoid.