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GC GRADIA Direct Posterior PA-3 fecskendő 2,7 ml (4,7 g)

Model: 10000683-89-f
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GC GRADIA Direct LoFlo Syringe 2x0.8ml (1.3g), A1 (3448)(10000683)
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EUR 43.58 (EUR 43.58 + VAT)
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GC GRADIA Direct LoFlo Syringe 2x0.8ml (1.3g), A2 (3449)(10000684)
In stock
EUR 43.58 (EUR 43.58 + VAT)
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GC GRADIA Direct LoFlo Syringe 2x0.8ml (1.3g), A2 (3449)(10000684)
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EUR 43.58 (EUR 43.58 + VAT)


GC Gradia Direct LoFlo is a flowable that can be used not only as liner, but also for direct restorations such as class I and V. Thanks to the presence of HDR (High-Density Radiopaque) fillers, this flowable composite features high physical properties.

  • Restoration of Class I, II, III, IV, V cavities
  • Restoration of root surface caries
  • Restorations in deciduous teeth
  • Filling tunnel shaped cavities
  • Sealing hypersensitive areas


  • Superior wear resistance and fracture toughness
  • Wettability allows for perfect adaptability without slumping
  • The 7 available shades blend invisibly into the surrounding tooth structure
  • HDR pre-polymerized fillers with nano-silica filler technology significantly increase durability, polishability and radiopacity
  • Fluoro-alumino-silicate glass brings you protection against secondary decay in addition


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