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GC everX Flow Syringe 2ml (3.7g) Bulk shade (12900)(10001490)

GC everX Flow Syringe 2ml (3.7g) Bulk shade (12900)(10001490)

Model: 10001490-91-f
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GC everX Flow Syringe 2ml (3.7g) Bulk shade (12900)(10001490)
In stock
EUR 51.73 (EUR 51.73 + VAT)
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GC everX Flow Syringe 2ml (3.7g) Bulk shade (12900)(10001490)
In stock
EUR 51.73 (EUR 51.73 + VAT)
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Short-fibre reinforced flowable composite for dentin replacement

  • Dentin replacement material for all direct composite restorations including large posterior cavities, deep cavities and endo-treated teeth, cavities with missing cusps or after amalgam removal and cavities where inlays and onlays would also be recommended
  • Core build-up

everX Flow is a short-fibre reinforced flowable composite indicated for dentin replacement in direct restorations (together with a conventional composite as enamel layer), and for core build-up.

Thanks to the short fibres it contains, everX Flow efficiently reinforces restorations and displays an exceptionally high fracture toughness. Fibres also help to redirect cracks and avoid catastrophic failures, which makes everX Flow an optimal material to use in weakened or cracked teeth, for instance after amalgam removal.

everX Flow has a very thixotropic viscosity which allows it to flow and adapt perfectly to the cavity floor, but without any slumping - even when used in upper molars. This optimal consistency makes your restorative treatment both faster and easier.

everX Flow is available in two unique shades to answer all your clinical needs. The Bulk shade displays a depth of cure of 5.5mm and is perfect for deep cavities, or whenever you want to speed up the treatment. The Dentin shade has a higher opacity and requires to be layered, and will be the best choice when you are looking for the best possible aesthetic results.

  • Optimal to strengthen large restorations thanks to the reinforcing effect of fibres
  • Excellent fracture toughness reducing the risk of catastrophic failures
  • Perfect thixotropy for an easy placement & adaptation
  • No slumping even in upper molars
  • Quick procedure when using the Bulk shade (with a layer thickness up to 5,5mm)
  • Excellent aesthetic results with the Dentin shade (in layers of 2mm)
  • Indicated both for dentin replacement and for core build-up preparations


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