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Articulating Papers, 200 sheets, in several thicknesses and colors

Articulating Papers, 200 sheets, in several thicknesses and colors

Model: ap001-12-13-f
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Articulating Paper Occlusion Film, one-sided, 50x22mm, 18 micron, blue
In stock
EUR 5.66 (EUR 5.66 + VAT)
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Articulating Paper Occlusion Film, double-sided, 50x22mm, 18 micron, red
In stock
EUR 5.66 EUR 3.55 (EUR 3.55 + VAT)
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Our articulating paper, film are in 3 sizes: 30-50-100 microns thick,


in 2 colors: red or blue (there is no red-and-blue!)


and double sided.


There are 40 sheets in the 30 microns and 50 microns booklet, in the 100 microns booklet there are only 20 sheets!


1 film's useful colored length is: 9 cm.It can be cut in two or three lengthwise and the 200 sheets and can be used as 400 or 600 sheets!


That is why these 200 sheets articulating paper is equivalent to 4-600 sheets packaging size in this latter case the product is already cut in smaller length during the production. But the latters are much more expensive! In the factory they are working instead of dentist and assitants, and it is at great expense!


Each sheet is double sided and one colored.


We send you a free sample from this item also, if you are uncertain about the quality of this product!


A horseshoe-shaped articulating paper is not yet distributed in our webshop, unless an important need is expressed.


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